Experience the Great Outdoors in Aberdeen

Pheasant Hunting in Aberdeen, SD

A Popular Choice

Come experience the rush of pounding wings, bright skies, and the cackle of roosters as they explode into the sky. Memorable wing shooting experiences await you in Aberdeen, South Dakota!

The Aberdeen area is one of the top producing areas in the state for the last 8 years for pheasant hunting. Aberdeen is sitting on the hot spot and have the number of birds to prove it.

For a complete list of guides and outfitters go to HuntFishSD.com. The Aberdeen Area has everything you will need to make lasting memories!

An Abundance of Game

While Aberdeen prides themselves on their world-wide pheasant hunting opportunities, other game hunting is available in the area. In addition to pheasants, the area has an abundance of other game including doves, geese, a variety of ducks, whitetail deer, wild turkey, and more.

The Aberdeen area is home to a refuge where thousands of birds pass through or call home. Set your sites on birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians at various locations in the Aberdeen area.


For the angler, several beautiful fishing lakes surround Aberdeen providing ample opportunity to land the perfect catch while taking in a brilliant South Dakota sunset. Aberdeen is located in the Glacial Lakes Region of South Dakota and provides an exciting variety of sport fishing opportunities. Anglers can catch walleye, northern pike, crappie, blue gills, bass, and perch, all in the Aberdeen area.